Thursday, December 5, 2019
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Sea Monster Spotted in waters off the coast of Booty Bay

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In the waters off of Booty Bay, where careless sea captains, and dangerous winds have caused many a ship to stray too close to rock or reef and sink, a new threat has now emerged in the waters. Local fishermen and traveling sailors alike have reported now for the past three weeks that a strange sea serpent of some kind has been spotted off the coast of the southern Strangle Thorn vale.

It’s been described as dark, scaly, and with tentacles that it uses to wrap itself around unsuspecting ships, to bring them down to their watery grave where the creature presumably consumes its victims. Glyx Brewright, a merchant of alchemical supplies in Booty Bay had witnessed the creature himself recently.

Oh yes, absolutely! I was on my way back from Kalimdor with supplies for the shop when I first saw it – I saw it rear it’s head up out the water, all sneaky like, then we all saw it splash back down, makin’ yuuuge waves! The whole boat rocked! Boy I tell ya – I couldn’t wait to get my feet back on dry land again after seein’ that. I’ll be takin’ the zeppelin here from now on!”

– Glyx Brewright, Alchemy Supplies Vendor

Many locals here believe that it’s this creature which is responsible for the disappearance of the Commissioned ship from the Durotar Ports, the “Ogrimmac” which recently went missing in these waters. No survivors have so far been found, and rumors are spreading all over the Eastern Kingdoms now that it’s gotten the taste for the flesh of orc and human alike. “It’s definitely a problem. Something we can’t just let go on.” Glyx told us on the docks in Booty Bay.

This is one issue, that we can’t simply look somewhere else and hope it goes away. We’re gonna have to do something about that thing out there in those waters. Otherwise, more folks are gonna get swallowed up out there.”

No word yet on any plans from Booty Bay officials, the Alliance, or the Horde, to address the problem of what locals are calling, ‘The Beast of the South Seas.’
More on this story as it develops.

-Gobrindink Mantlesprocket, Goblin Field Reporter