Saturday, January 25, 2020
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*BREAKING NEWS* Hillsbrad & The Barrens see clashes & skirmishes – casualties on both sides

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Written by : Dogfish Winterhoof, Thunder Bluff

UPDATE: Reports have now been confirmed of a skirmish that took place in Redridge! Militias have moved in for a strike but were beaten back by Allied forces – we’ll have more on this story as it develops.

Violent clashes have broken out in The Barrens and in the Hillsbrad Foothills, with patrol parties forming up and setting out on both continents. Horde Militias including, ‘Kraken’, ‘Orc Forge’ ‘StranglethornVale Militia’ ‘The Grim’ and ‘Stormhorn Tribe’ have been seen gathering together, in what appears to be the beginning formations of a coalition between these independent but cooperative military groups.
Across Hillsbrad, reports came in from multiple sources that clashes between Horde and Alliance forces had broken out earlier today in large, organized groups of roughly 30-40 soldiers, with engagements happening between Tarren Mill and SouthShore, around Crossroads, and Ratchet. It’s been a back and forth so far it would appear, but at the moment the Horde appears to be mobilizing for war a bit more aggressively than the alliance are, but the alliance are holding their ground and standing fast when they’re taking a hit.
There appears to be a developing conflict happening in both regions now, and we’ve reached out to both Stormwind as well as Orgrimmar for comment on this developing story, and have yet to get any clear word back on the situation from either government. While casualties have been inflicted now on both sides, the tension has yet to boil over into a full on, outright war – but many experts and rumors coming from the capital cities are whispering that war is in fact, just around the corner.

With these new militias developing and continuing to engage, citizens on both sides are calling for restraint, but the message seems to mostly go unheard by these groups as ‘revenge’ and ‘justice’ and ‘honor’ seem to be some of the only responses that we can get from them when we ask, “why are you out here ready to fight?”
There’s not one single answer, but many it would seem, as to why these armies are seemingly raising themselves, on both the Alliance and the Hore’s side of the fight, and there doesn’t seem to be any immediate solutions in regards to finding ways to resolve this. The rate of escalation we’ve seen over the past 72 hours is dangerous, and right now Azeroth is beginning to look like a fireplace ready to burn, and the barrens, and hillsbrad, are anxious waiting for their moment to act as tinder in igniting this into full-blown open war. It’s hardly a question of if at this point, but when – will the Third War between the Horde and Alliance break out.

This story will be updated as information becomes available – if you or your guild were involved on these frontlines, or have any other photo evidence of these incidents, we would love to hear from you – please contact one of the staff at the Gazette and send in your submissions!

(Photo Credit to : u/RenzeYT of Reddit)