Saturday, January 25, 2020
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Mulgore Militia spotted doing exercises, training maneuvers

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Written by: Karya Lighthoof, Bloodhoof Village

While departing from Bloodhoof Village yesterday evening, and much to my surprise, I happened upon a set of military drills being held on the plains of Mulgore last night, under the cover of darkness – The Mulgore Militia as they are currently known, appear to have plans on raising a full army. Representatives were present from several guilds here, each learning a basic set of maneuvers – commands – and other basic military strategies and doctrines to be shared universally among each of the participants of the ‘Treaty of Thunder Bluff’ as we’ve learned it’s titled.
This News Outlet is actively seeking to obtain a copy of this ‘Treaty of Thunder Bluff’, this document binding these guilds together in a united, singular front, but it’s rumored to set in stone a legal framework for these guilds to make mutual decisions concerning everything from trade among one another, mutual defense, assistance in dealing with the dangers of Azeroth – and most of all, the dangers of their enemy, the alliance.
When asked for comment on the field, we were told they were too busy to say much, but one officer who remained anonymous was quoted, “We’re simply here to make sure no more innocent Horde lives are lost to those merciless bloodthirsty monsters. That’s all.”
End quote.
My team and I had obligations beyond Mulgore and had to continue on our journey to our previous engagement, but just before continuing down our path, I turned back once more to see this already well disciplined, organized, and rapidly growing force as it broke into double column formation for a quick-march. Something big is around the corner for us, Azeroth. And no matter what sort of previous engagements we may have had, what plans we may have made, what things we intended to do – one day soon, whatever that “something” is that’s around the corner from us will affect us. All of us. I just hope we’re ready when it happens. Until then – be safe Azeroth.