Thursday, December 5, 2019
The Eye on Azeroth

Grom’gol Base Camp raided by army of Alliance-commissioned privateers after a day of initiations in Darkshire.

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The author wished to remain anonymous

Hurricane posing in front of the gates of Gurubashi Arena before the commencement of training exercises.

Today, the grave like quiet peace of Darkshire was broken by a large group of privateers in what appeared to be a series of training drills and initiations. After interviews with villagers, the Grobbulus Gazette found out that the group, known as Hurricane, holds monthly ceremonies in the woods around Darkshire to welcome and train new recruits joining their army. “Oh, we love when they come!” claims the town’s tailor Sheri Zipstitch, “They bring all kinds of exotic wares to sell us and Gnarltree, the blacksmith, receives dozens of repair services, so y’know, it’s really good for our town.”

Training drills in Darkshire’s Town Center

However, today’s meeting was marked by unusual movements as three squadrons of both veterans and rookies were seen marching south, in the direction of the war-plagued region of Stranglethorn Vale. Our reporters tried to contact one of the group’s leaders but were unable to get a statement as the group is known to be very secretive and wary of outsiders. This reporter was able to discern that they were planning an assault in order to test their new recruits on the training they had been put through earlier that day.

The rush south through Duskwood.

Hours later, merchants in Booty Bay started to report rumors that the Horde’s Base Camp of Grom’Gol had been raided by what was believed to be a coordinated attack to assassinate the camp’s Wind Rider Master and former Horde Soldier, Thysta. 

Later information from camp workers that had fled from the location at the start of the assault that occurred said that it had been a bloodbath for both sides. Thysta, the camps Wind Rider Master, was struck by a multitude of ice magics and was nearly instantly killed as soon as the Alliance group breached the camp’s defenses. This has led to the camp becoming completely disconnected from surrounding Horde’s Defense Patrols weakening they camp’s hold on the area until such time as a new Wind Rider Master could be sent from Orgrimmar.

The raid breaches Grom’Gol’s defensive perimeter.

It’s still unclear if the slaying of Thysta was Hurricane’s ultimate goal or just a consequence of the battle but what we do know is that the group certainly has very competent rookies as multiple experienced orcish guards were also reported to have died following the attack.

Later reports also revealed that the survivors of Hurricane’s initial assault regrouped in the Gurubashi Arena where they proceeded to hold wargames and further training, refining their ability to fight against groups that manage to break their ranks, as the Horde’s guards had done in Grom’Gol Base Camp.

The floor of the arena littered with the bodies of the members of Hurricane, as they play dead after being “Killed” during training exercises.