Thursday, December 5, 2019
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Tensions on the Rise among Dwarven Clans as Alliance Reinforces Border

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By Thereza

Taverns and forges all across Azeroth have been spreading the story of how the human priest Rmx offended Master Kadol Harginsson of Clan Bryngrungul, renowned Master Armorsmith of the Dwarven Overlords. Friction and tension have spread among the dwarven clans as the border territories have been reinforced by the myriad other peoples of the Alliance. Could this rising tension indicate looming division in dire times?

While surveying mineral deposits in Loch Modan, Master Harginsson came into conversation with enterprising human priest Rmx. “One moment we were calmly talking about some trivial matter and all of a sudden he dared to offend me by addressing me by such a name,” Master Harginsson told the Gazette of the scandalous slur uttered against his honor, “I confronted him, but he refused to admit to his wrong-doing or attempt to make amends.” Rmx could not be reached for comment.

Perhaps it’s no wonder that events such as this have been occurring as of late – the border territories of Hillsbrad, the Hinterlands, and Arathi have been flooded with thousands of Alliance troops over the past weeks as conflict has escalated. As the armies of Stormwind, Gnomeregan, and the Kaldorei bolster this warfront the matter of quartering has become a point of criticism and concern.

Aerie Peak, ancestral home of the Wildhammer clan

Ever since the cursing of Grim Batol during the War of the Three Hammers by the Dark Iron Dwarves, the Wildhammer clan has found their capital in Aerie Peak nestled within the Hinterlands. As Master Harginsson informed the Gazette, “A few of our kin [in the Dwarven Overlords] hail from smaller Wildhammer clans that lost their homes over the ages, and they yearn to see their people returned to their former glory.” Much like the struggles which now face the exiles of Gnomeregan, the Wildhammer dwarves have been rebuilding their culture and society for hundreds of years.

Now, as threats from the Scourge in the Plaguelands and the Forsaken in the Ruins of Lordaeron press against the northern border of the Alliance territories in the Eastern Kingdoms, tensions are rising within as armies muster and reinforce the Hinterlands and surrounding territories. Among other locales, Aerie Peak finds itself a hotspot of activity as the forces of Emerald Alliance have been quartered there in order to defend Alliance interests.

Thandol Span, critical infrastructure damaged by recent attacks

Lieutenant Commander Jordrend Falksteed, charged with leading Emerald Alliance, emphasizes that the regent lord deployed them to Aerie Peak as an elite strike force to ensure security in the region as global risks increase. “Following the Third War there was a very brief period of peace, followed by ever growing chaos,” the esteemed veteran had to say to the Gazette. This deployment follows recent events such as the induction of the Revantusk Tribe of the Hinterlands into the Horde, the devastating sabotage attacks upon the Thandol Span, and the vile occupation of Stromgarde. Lt. Cmd. Falksteed addressed the controversy by remarking “The Wildhammer Dwarves are allies to the Alliance, even if not officially part of it, and I am sure most are happy to have extra defense against any marauding bands of Horde savages.” Officers of the Alliance military command stress that more resources and personnel are necessary to secure the region.

Revantusk Village, newly inducted into the Horde

Critics point to the quartering of forces such as these as cause for rising tensions. “Their occupation is an insult to our forefathers. We very much look forward to working with the Wildhammers in casting these squatters out,” Master Harginsson commented. However, proponents stress the strategic importance of such projections of power. When asked, Highlord Bolvar Fordragon emphasized that“Fortifying and reinforcing the lands which buffer Khaz Modan is of the utmost concern, forces such as Emerald Alliance are pivotal in protecting the northern kingdoms along with such steadfast institutions as the Dwarven Overlords.” High Thane Falstad Wildhammer could not be reached for comment.

Dwarven representatives within the Church of the Holy Light have chastised unruly members of the Alliance forces for behavior such as what offended Master Harginsson – Priest of the Light Barum commenting “They may wish to pray to the Light for proper guidance on their conduct lest it abandon them as they fall.”

Priest of the Light Barum, calling for respect and tenacity

Master Harginsson emphasizes the pivotal importance of respect for dwarven customs during this time. He describes that unruly or insensitive people should respect the settling of any grudges, and that“The method of recompense is decided by the person who was wronged. You wouldn’t walk into a tavern and demand a drink in exchange for dueling the barkeep, would you? Of course not. You’d pay the agreed upon price and be done with the deal.” In these times of brewing tension, it would be wise to respect such customs and sensibilities. As the conflicts of the world necessitate tumultuous changes, it is best for respect to be given and understanding to be sought.

To close, Barum’s message to “Seek solidarity with our allies, a fine night of drinking and maybe a brawl can find you with fast friends on the dawn,” speaks to the virtuous benefits of tenacity in the face of growing tension.

Light be with you.