Saturday, January 25, 2020
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Massive Battles in Hillsbrad; Southshore & Tarren Mill rocked

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Written by: Dogfish Winterhoof, Thunder Bluff.

In what is being called a ‘direct response’ to the Alliance’s attack on Grom’gol and their skirmishes around Booty Bay, The Horde’s ‘Mulgore Militia’ an organization made up of several independent militias brought another 6 militias into the fold, bringing their total number to above 20 in total now. The confirmed militias that have signed on with The Treaty of Thunder Bluff are:

  • Kraken
  • Little Dragons
  • Silence
  • Posture Check
  • Stranglethorn Militia
  • Grobbulators
  • Stormhorn Tribe
  • The Grim
  • Dragonmaw Vanguard
  • RP Walk

Others are reported to have joined as well, but we are still waiting on confirmation from them before including them in our official reports.

They had gathered before Cairne Bloodhoof, 9pm Saturday evening and signed themselves onto ‘The Treaty of Thunder Bluff’ effectively making their militias part of a large collective effort that we’re seeing develop on both the Horde & Alliance sides as this ‘Shadow War’ as we here at the Gazette have come to call it, continues to build.

Following the ceremony of the treaty’s signing, they assembled themselves in Orgrimmar for a Memorial March to remember and honor all those who had fallen in the great conflicts over the years – before boarding the zeppelin to the Under City to continue their plans of attack.

All across Azeroth, rogue military skirmishes and conflicts are breaking out – from Hillsbrad, The Barrens, Redridge, Ashenvale, Thousand Needles, and beyond. The response has as always, been swift and merciless from both sides. The Alliance carved a path of death from Grom’gol to Stranglethorn Vale last week as the privateers known as ‘Hurricane’ led a force throughout the territory, slaughtering dozens of guards and volunteer defenders.

Yesterday’s coalition response left destruction across Hillsbrad as an engagement raged on for hours, surrounding the town in an attempt to effectively ‘blockade’ it for a period of several hours. Casualties were high, and on both sides, the injured and the dead began to pile up rather quickly once the engagement began.

These conflicts have given rise to a new tension now, as the Shadow War itself develops, so too do these tactics and strategies employed by these rogue militias to increase their effectiveness on the battlefields. Weeks ago they were being cut down by the guards of the Horde & Alliance Armies in their attempts at raiding nearby towns, slaughtered within minutes or seconds of the engagement’s start.

Now – they’ve proven they can take a beating from the professionally trained armies that they’re fighting against in many cases. The Alliance has gained strength enough now to penetrate into the interior of Grom’gol, while The Horde was able to push into Southshore’s town center, almost reaching their docks. We’re seeing these armies grow, both in strength and the wisdom of having veteran fighters among their ranks, as well as sheer numbers, bolstering their abilities to wage war and make a real dent in their enemies.

What started out as a small skirmish, mostly fueled by attacks happening to traders from both sides along the Gold Road, has now spiraled. We’re seeing a real war here – but not between the Horde & the Alliance. This war is between militias – volunteer armies – raising themselves – training themselves – and waging battle – themselves – all without the help or guidance of Orgrimmar or Stormwind. Or so it seems…

Time will tell where these groups are finding the financing and training they need to raise these armies – but for now, the official story is that they’re doing it themselves, entirely independent of their faction’s government. I suppose all we can really do, for now, is to sift through the wreckage of the battlefields, take stock of the clues we have available to us – and wait and see what happens.

One thing, however, is for certain; whatever or whoever is financing these militias, it’s proving to be effective in raising their armies and bringing their plans for destruction to bear. My only hope is that we’ll see plans for something constructive instead of ruin and havoc across Azeroth. May the Earthmother be with us all in these uncertain times. Be safe, Azeroth.