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The Eye on Azeroth


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September 22, 2019 to September 28, 2019
By Kal’Talah

This coming week:
Chaos abounds, fates are in flux and can be changed drastically. Prophecy will mean very little, so take precautions and do not take heed in the words of witches.

The Protector (Jan 21 – Feb 20)
Be aggressive this week, let your passions burn and take control whenever you can. you’ll find your fortunes getting better and your successes multiplying.

The Mage (Feb 21 – Mar 20)
conflict will be the name of the game for you this week. seek out strong allies to help you see your quests to their ends.

The Sword (Mar 21 – Apr 20)
Fair winds and following seas will see to you this week. Success will be easy as long as you try for it.

The Rabbit (Apr 21 – May 20)
You may find a new romance, or perhaps the rekindling of an old one, this week. make sure to give proper attention and you may just see that spark of passion turn into a raging bonfire.

The Kraken (May 21 – Jun 20)
seek adventure this week and look for new allies in unexpected places and you will find rich new friendships forming.

The Brothers (Jun 21 – Jul 20)
the Fall Solstice marks the beginning of the end. The end of what is not always clear, and can be good or bad. All it means is that change is on the horizon and preparations need to be made.

The Mammoth (Jul 21 – Aug 20)
you may find some conflict in your life can be resolved by cutting someone out of it. Don’t be afraid to do so, if they don’t bring more happiness than misery they don’t deserve your attention.

The Mana Serpent (Aug 21 – Sep 20)
Friends will come to your aid when you don’t expect it this week. make sure to keep an ear out to listen for their calls for aid as well.

The Winged Horse (Sep 21 – Oct 20)
Discretion is the better part of valor for you this week. Look to improving yourself in ways outside of combat, or, if you must, make sure you have strong allies who will have your back.

The Raven (Oct 21 – Nov 20)
The stars show a clear and uneventful week for you, take this time to relax and recuperate, for these breaks never last long.

The Bear (Nov 21 – Dec 20)
ambitions will be fulfilled this week, but only so long as you work hard and strive to obtain them.

The Druid (Dec 21 – Jan 20)
winds of change will blow through your life, bringing good and ill tidings. do not fight against the wind, but rather let it propel you as you guide your flight, and you will find a safe landing when they cease to blow.

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