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Orgrimmar Inn Under Scrutiny Over Alliance Offerings

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By Tokala Barterhoof

Morag, the barkeep of Orgrimmar’s Valley of Strength Inn, is perhaps the Horde’s busiest purveyor of wine and spirits. The inn’s common area is usually full of patrons enjoying a quiet drink after a long day in the Durotar heat or boasting about their exploits beyond the city’s gates. However, one Forsaken woman is unsure about the source of the bartender’s products.

“As a concerned citizen and taxpayer of the Horde, I was absolutely scandalized to learn that Barkeep Morag of Orgrimmar seems to be brazenly peddling Alliance liquor. I’m worried about who we support when we support Barkeep Morag,” Metia wrote in a letter to The Gazette. “It would break my heart to see our beautiful city fund terrorist activity through unethically sourced spirits when our own medium notoriety adventurers are struggling to afford essential weapon and skills training.”

Upon investigation, our representatives noted that the inn’s menu lists several options: Dalaran Noir, Dwarven Honeymead, Dwarven Stout, and Stormwind Tawny, as well as Badlands Bourbon; the latter being the only verifiable Horde spirit served in the establishment. We approached Morag for a statement, but he declined to give one, claiming he was too busy at that time. The Gazette was able to catch a glimpse of the inn’s stores around back, however, and found that several of the crates and barrels bear the emblems of Ironforge and Stormwind.

Crates and barrels with Alliance markings – found in Morag’s storage.

We approached several citizens of The Horde to gauge public opinion on the matter. “Honestly I assumed the drinks were pillaged from Alliance caravans, which is fine with me,” said Hancork, master of The Fish Vendors’ Guild.

Many seem to share this sentiment, including Cailos of The Blacktooth Grin clan. “I don’t have much use for the stuff myself, but I know it’s quite popular among the rank and file,” the Forsaken soldier said. “If it is acquired by more… economical means, I see no problem. Hurts their pocketbook, and deprives them of some drink.” However, he added, “If he is paying them, I’m not terribly pleased.”

Others have a different opinion on the matter. “I believe that despite the political differences that we are dealing with; it’s always good to remind ourselves that our people cannot do everything,” said Koae, a Shu’halo shaman. “Even if it’s the little things in life, it can remind us that there’s good in everyone and every group out there. I mean, how else can you easily acquire some of that Dwarven gold?”

In her letter, Metia went on to recommend that “every loyal member of the Horde boycott not only Barkeep Morag but any merchant who would place their own profits over [the integrity of the Horde]. We deserve better. We deserve Horde made products.”

The Kalimdor Financial Group has begun an investigation into Morag’s accounting ledgers and supply chain, but expect that it will be some time before they reach any definitive conclusions.

Tokala Barterhoof is the Chairman of The Kalimdor Financial Group and writer of an upcoming column in our Business section.