Saturday, January 25, 2020
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Dwarven Brewfest Prepares for Weekend Festivities

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By Thereza Junipertree

Site of the Festival: Thunderbrew Distillery in Kharanos, Dun Morogh

Preparations are wrapping up in the normally quiet village of Kharanos in Dun Morogh, on the eve of the weekend-long Dwarven Brewfest. Hundreds of festive party-goers are expected to turn out for the event; which promises to feature a wide selection of food, drink, and games prepared by members within the region’s esteemed dwarven clans.

Clan Hammersong, Clan Battlehammer, and the Dwarven Overlords are all collaborating to host the Dwarven Brewfest as a sign of unity. All of the members of the Alliance have been invited to partake in the festivities, which begin at 6:30 pm on Friday and run until 8 pm. The festival will resume at the same time on both Saturday and Sunday – with a different host guild each night. On the first night of the Brewfest, there will be an opening ceremony with honorable representatives from each of the distinguished dwarven clans.

While Clan Hammersong and Clan Battlehammer will host the second and third nights, respectively, the honor of hosting the first night belongs to the Dwarven Overlords. Master Kadol Harginsson of Clan Bryngrungul, renowned Master Armorsmith and leader of the Dwarven Overlords, took the time to speak to The Gazette about the event plans.

“We’ll of course have plenty of representatives from our brewing clans there to introduce the other races of the Alliance to what proper ale is,” Master Harginnson told the Gazette. Thunderbrew Distillery, the location for the festival, is home to some of the most accomplished brewmasters in Azeroth. It is also where the feud between the Barleybrew and Thunderbrew families frequently flares up – but it’s expected that these rivalries will only fuel the revelry of the event. “I have no doubt you’ll be able to find many of our kin recounting the great tales of old throughout the night,” Master Harginsson surmises.

A worldly selection of food and drink is planned to be available for the festival, with Trothtrik Balrigssen of the Dwarven Overlords ensuring a supply of reserves from Ironforge. Though, Master Harginsson warns that some drinks may be in limited or short supply, “My favorite drink… Bugman’s XXXXXX [has] become quite the rare treasure these days … so I wouldn’t expect to see any available at the event.”

The festival is planned to host an array of game stalls, featuring dice games, drinking games, and dice & drinking games. With the various hosting clans, there are sure to be diverse activities between each festive night of this weekend. The small village of Kharanos is already abuzz with preparations and excitement (with some expected pre-gaming).

Just make sure to come prepared! Master Harginsson warns, “Be sure to bring a hefty coin purse … Some of our games involve quite a bit of good-spirited gambling – you may even end the night with a heavier one than you began with.” Just like fishing, it is only natural to pair social drinking with gambling.

Thereza Junipertree has witnessed countless showings of tremendous honor and zeal by the members of the dwarven clans hosting this event. She can’t wait to partake in the festivities!