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Little Gnome in a Big World

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Part I: Stormwind and the Defias Brotherhood

Hi! I’m Bindie “Bee” Trustworth, a young gnome traveling far from home to seek adventure and ways to improve my new-found magical abilities. I’ll be recording my travels and experiences around and, sometimes, I’ll share them here with you. 

I began my journey in the Heart of the Alliance: the city of Stormwind, the Pride of the human kingdom. Growing up in my mom’s little tailoring shop in Ironforge, and the fields of Dun Morogh, I had no chance to visit the Human capital, until now.  Traveling there was easy: just a quick ride on the Deeprun Tram. Built by High Tinker Gelbin Mekkatorque, it is a perfect example of Gnomish Ingenuity. I was amazed by how smooth the ride was, and thankful that I didn’t have to pay anything for it.

When I stepped out of the tram station into Dwarven District, I couldn’t help but be confused for a second. It really felt like a home away from home. It was as though the streets of Ironforge were now out in the open, under clear blue skies, though still with the familiar thick smoke from the forge fires. It was also a lot warmer, or rather a different kind of warmth compared to the lava used within Ironforge. The streets were crowded, and, as the name suggested, full of Dwarves.

Smoky image of the Dwarven District in Stormwind City
Home away from home, smoke and all.

As I entered the canal, the fresh air was a beautiful change. My nose filled with all kinds of smells! The aroma of bread and other baked goods hit me with every bakery I passed, and the scent of freshly caught fish wafted through the city from the fishing boats and fishmongers. All the different kinds of flora and flowers made my heart fill with joy as I passed the shopfronts. Needless to say, Stormwind City easily managed to win me over with its glamour.

View of Stormwind Stockades and canal, with Cathedral in the distance
Stormwind, from a bridge over the canals.

“What a wonderful start!” I thought.

Of course, I had heard rumors of the kidnapped King, and this had initially given me some doubt into what I might find in the city. Perhaps I expected some fear and instability. However, from my short time there, things seemed more relaxed than I expected. 

I met an Elven fisherman who complained about the Gender Diversity of their race, pointing out that there are more females than males around Azeroth. From my observations, I can’t deny that it’s true. However, it felt like an unnecessary topic to really dwell on.

I spoke to many other locals and travellers alike, asking where I could go to learn more about the state of things around Azeroth, The Alliance, and The Kingdom of Stormwind, and the main concern I found in the minds of locals was the Defias Brotherhood and their occupation of the region of Westfall.

I decided that Westfall would be my first destination. I wanted to understand what the Defias Brotherhood aimed for, and see how much of a threat they really were. I knew that I’d be able to collect more information on them within Stormwind as they were once Citizens themselves.

I was lucky enough to have a chat with Baros Alexston, the City Architect of Stormwind. Once a local of Westfall, and someone who had close ties with Edwin VanCleef, he was a great source for vital information required for my travels. He spoke of how he joined the Stonemasons Guild and worked on rebuilding Stormwind after the Third War. It took years for them to complete the work, and VanCleef, who was the elected leader of the Guild, demanded restitution for their work. However, the House of Nobles ordered the Guild to disband. There was a riot within the city, resulting in the departure of many members of the defunct Guild from the city. It was then that Alexston was offered the position of City Architect, which he accepted due to ideological differences with VanCleef. 

Image of Baros Alexston
Baros Alexston, Chief Architect of Stormwind City

Alexston spoke cautiously about his relationship with VanCleef, but assured that they maintained almost no contact after his appointment as the City Architect.

Before I left he had a favor to ask of me. He said that his household in Westfall had been raided and burnt down by the Defias Brotherhood and that he would be grateful if I would visit it to find a compass that held sentimental value to him. I promised that I would do that for him, and left to gather my things before I headed to Westfall.

Next time, I will share my observations on the state of the Westfall region, and the Defias occupation of the town of Moonbrook. I will also aim to learn more about their leader, Edwin VanCleef, and what he has been up to since his departure from Stormwind.

Until then, this has been ‘Little Gnome In A Big World’ with Bee Trustworth. I hope you have enjoyed my observations so far. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any information you would like to share! I love hearing from the people of Azeroth and learning more about the many people that dwell in it.