Saturday, January 25, 2020
The Eye on Azeroth

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Bronze Dragonflight warns of potential “Quantum Coalescence Event”

Agent Chronormu told the press, “Other timelines are going to experience a coalescence of their meta-internal quantum variances – it should go by relatively smoothly and without any undue harm to their occupants. This timeline is not undergoing such a coalescence for now. If this should happen in the future, it will result in less quantum variation and increased spatial and temporal stability.”

in Meta, Server News - October 4 - 7:22 AM

Renegade Time Travelers Sentenced by the Bronze Dragonflight

Today, the Bronze Dragonflight is beginning incarceration of a band of renegade time travelers who were polluting the timestream over previous weeks. “A wide variety of valuables were claimed from the alternate timelines by the renegade: armor, weapons, crafting recipes, gold – these ill-procured gains must be returned to preserve the sanctity of the timestream. Our agents shall be carefully seeing to the repossession of any of these goods, and restoration of them to their appropriate chronologies.”

in Game News, Meta - September 17 - 12:46 PM

Penguin Enthusiast Community Caught in “D.D.o.S.” Crossfire

The Devious Deliverers of Sleep (D.D.o.S.) Sleep Terrorists reported on by the Grobbulus Times have been wrecking havoc across Azeroth for these past few days, and reports are coming in that members of the non-profit penguin enthusiast community, Life in Northrend: Undermine eXtinction (L.i.N.U.X) have been suffering under the countermeasures deployed by the Alliance and Horde. But master engineers have devised a solution!

in Meta - September 9 - 2:52 PM